You can’t be friends with your coworkers

You can’t be friends with your coworkers.  You just can’t.  There is going to come a time when job positions misalign and a person is going to have to step into dubious professional duties. If that line is not tread well the friendship is over.  One essentially must behave in a truly and deeply non friend way. It is inevitable and it isn’t ok.  Professional relationships have to be professional relationships.  Now the job is to just find other friends lol.  I’m not really angry at what happened, i’m disappointed.  It’s just plain stupid and was mishandled 100% on their part. I am well within the grey zone of being in the clear. I am.  It’s just stupid and they acted completely unreasonably.  I have been nothing but a friendly colleague and to have this happen and to be treated like this is just garbage.  Again, just on to find other friends, plain and simple.  It’s just stupid.

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