My Thoughts on the Night

My thoughts on the night:

Sitting in my car right now sobering up.  I had fun.  Drank three coronas haha, shouldn’t be this tipsy but haven’t had booze in a month.  UFC fights were good, nothing spectacular. Saved my car from getting towed. The girl I was with was a good freaking sport and I appreciate that so much.  She is a messed up lady and both an easy and a tough read.  She is so hung up on these exes of hers. Most people know not to talk about exes ad nauseum but she has no shame about it.  I appreciate her openness but it’s clearly not a source of fun or newness for either party.  Those conversations always fall flat. She’s so pretty.  It was awesome sitting with a pretty girl. Feels so good. But I felt a bit like I was babysitting. At the same time I appreciate her inarriculatness, the challenge of articulating her passions and reverence, totally get it and it’s not a big deal. I love her pause for reflection.  

 I’m still really tipsy and not cool to drive.  I wish I was getting over this faster but the last thing I want is to run someone over, so many people walking around now.  I love it, it’s just loud with people.  So many look so trashy haha. I love it.  Just doing their thing.  Also fun seeing drunk ass people, just trying to survive, get home, keep it all together haha.  It’s spectacular. I’m in the heart of downtown, by the target center. 1st ave.  Kind of wish I ubered. Probably would have cost the sameish and takes out all the guesswork.  


I spent so much money, her beers were so fucking expensive lol, god damnit.  She said she’d get me back though, whatever lol.  I don’t mind, I’m assuming she’s game to go out drinking again.  I like her. She’s nice and I think a caring person. She’s got her issues but who doesn’t.  

  Sobering up now, feeling better. Probably going to head out soon. Just so tired.  

  Things with A are just… I don’t know.  Not sure if the chemistry is right. I with the connection was deeper, more visceral, more treasured.  I feel like I have to put so much effort into keeping things going.  Keeping the convo interesting and fun.  

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