Options for NYC

Ok so what I want is adventure. Fuck all the other mentalities and possibilities. I want adventure, and I am so clumsy at getting it haha. I am just not used to going after it. But I want to start and I don’t have to necessarily go all in but I want to go for it.


Ideas, probably bad ones haha:

-Go a night without a hotel. Walk the entire night around NYC without sleeping.

-Find tunnels to explore

-Make some friends and party

-Check out construction sites

-Hunt for graffiti, follow the artists’ tags

-Find underground clubs

-Have sex somewhere in public

-Find hidden/lost subway stations

-Find hidden historical locations

-Find another girl and both dominate her

-Dominate A and have her dominate me

-Take her to a bathhouse

-Go to an improv show

-See a metal show             –        Saint Vitus also   The Acheron

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