Shitty colleague

Ok so competetiveness. Yeah haha, I can’t compete, Bah I already know the answer to this.


Ok,how about this. Fuck you you fucking idiot, you gross human being. Fuck you, you are a double faced person, happy to be my friend in private and eager to step up the ranks in social matters. So fucking gross and I don’t want to waste my time. Gross people. Ahh life is so weird, so weird! People are all so different, the obvious isn’t the obvious. How can that be?! How can something be so clear to some people and others are utterly oblivious to it.  I don’t get it man, it’s bewildering.  
You have to solidify your own advantage, your own power. That’s what you have, that’s all that you have. Hmm, haha, and growing up I learned the opposite. That there was virtue in being weak, that that was goodness. It’s unbelievable, how did that happen? Bah, it’s probably too late but that’s how it goes. I am redeemed and will move forward : )

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