Asking for a higher fee

There are so many unknowns that it is difficult to make a decision at this point.  My guess is he is getting 8-10 per performance.

1st scenario: I have to go on for one night. Do I ask for a higher fee, do I burn the bridge for a single night payoff.  I suppose it depends on the payoff but my sense is that it is not worth it for a single performance. 1st question then is, will I be necessarily burning a bridge by asking?  Yes, because there really is no question to ask, they will say no. The only way to get a higher fee is to bully them.

2nd scenario: he cannot sing the run of the show. I think it makes much more sense to ask for a higher fee in this scenario. I could make a lot of money, this is four performances.  I would ask for 8 for walking and 5 for singing from the pit.  It comes down to a question of value. I have extreme value and should therefore be compensated for it.  It seems to be unfair to myself to expect otherwise.

Company man: I have been a company man and have seen little to no benefit.  I have not been hired on for next year and don’t expect to be.  I have zero issue with burning the bridge.  But for one performance I don’t know if it is worth burning the bridge, BUT, they are scheming and I am sure they will drag me out performance by performance if I do end up having to step in for him every single night.  This is absolutely something to consider and warrants quick and semi-immediate action.

Reprisal: Breach of contract. Can they attack me for breach of contract?  How far would they go, would they cancel a performance and charge me for the refunded tickets? They are insane and I do not know the answer to this question. Potentially they could just ask B to mark while performing the role. This is my greatest liability. I ask for more money and they say, fuck you we’ll just ask him to mark. And I think in two weeks this is a big possibility, he just marks the high notes and they say fuck you to me.  This is a big issue and a very possible scenario. My sense is that he would be in good enough voice to do so and it would honestly not compromise the show too much as it is a premier and no one really knows the music.

In light of this it may not be worth it. My sense is that they wouldn’t give a shit about the quality they are putting out. And the possible backlash from the community vs the potential gain is not worth it.  

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