To create – I repudiate the chasing of virtue. It leaves one tired and with shoulder pain. Rather, stroll to the nearest bar to meet a friend.

On autonomy – The equation is simple; the more the conformity the less the love.

Courage to act – Courage is often confused with self-flagellation. It should instead be thought of as a synonym for fearlessness.

On learning – Facts subjectively interpreted form truths which are man’s creation and necessity.  You can define a man by his.

Some happiness – Eternity is experienced in the blood, it will be boiling.

Realizing the eternal recurrence – Contemplate as fully as you can the nothingness which is opposite life.  One does not require much time to realize that this nothingness is a meaningless eternity.  Reverse that negative nothingness into the positive and enjoy the meaning you have created for yourself

Atop my mountain – I find myself further and further removed from company.  I now have two opposing instincts: for that which is different, and to avoid that which is ugly.

Furious Strength – I am truly convinced that the richness of life is denied to those who believe in a world beyond life.  Those who abandon an afterlife inherit a richness of meaning which accompanies the abandonment of the deepest and most poisonous decadence.  One is left with a life stripped of false imperatives which brings to light one’s essential character and only from there does one begin living.

Experiencing a beautiful woman – I compare it to the transfiguring moment when you pan your eyes up from the descending sun to the glittering stars all the while admiring the wonder of all the shades in between.

Finding your way – When a guiding action is found in a noun:  friend – be friendly.

Confusion – An “ideal” is the perversion of an essence one has not yet experienced; it is a contrivance.

Meaning – Fear not, you are endowed with the happiness of the human race, it is in your blood. The eternal recurrence is your birthright.

Manliness – Inhalation is dread and exhalation is decision. You need both to sustain and realize yourself as a man.

On Totality – The risk and certainty of loss gives us the entire concept of meaning.

The moment of being self-assured is an expansion of the lungs.  There is a sense of being removed from company, aloneness.  My individuality is hardened, my will gains a third arm for reaching and blocking.  The senses open up and the different becomes acceptable and the ugly becomes beautiful.  Life gains a sparkle and vibrancy which is almost visible, the quivering of eternity.

Heroes – I admire not men of genius or talent but men of diligence and heroic sublimation.

My nihilism – Everything goes.

That which makes up you – Genuine experience-originating concepts are beautiful gems but unlike their counterpart if not cared for they will evaporate and are almost impossible to retrieve.  Pay attention to them and keep them well polished.

Political judgment – The fundamental ethos of the republican is resentment.

On so much complexity – Growing up one is forced to apprehend all of the attributes and their determinations that surround them.  One must take careful deliberation during this process due to its implications concerning apprehending the self.  The issue becomes how to analyze without prejudgement and condense myriad factors into a single determination.

Phenomenon of the spirit – Whenever I experience happiness two thoughts always appear: a loneliness and a linear sense, not necessarily forward, but a line unencumbered.

Metaphysical quandary – I don’t see how existence can precede essence.  In that statement there is a fundamental error in logic and a mismanagement of appearances.  You cannot generate something from nothing.  One would be attempting to escape from everything human and enter into the realm of contrivance.  Even that contrivance will be recognized against the backdrop of the human spirit.

True act of art – The maxim “Be who you are” is a misreading of the essential phenomenon and assumes no existence of a will, only a static object “you”. A rock can’t “be” a rock, it is a rock.  The only possibility of being, then, lies in the will.  The maxim should be modified thusly; “one is what they become”.

Figaro 2011 – The greatest part of living is overcoming.

The how – The continuum does not lie between Good and Evil but between the pragmatic and self-deception.

Definitions – Someday you will appreciate my genius, and my drunkenness.

Love – Time gives us a free pass for fucking up.

The process of searching – I am consistently dissatisfied by the shallowness of my thoughts.  They give me an insight which immediately becomes invalid by a quick look-around.  However, to use deduction to solve the problem yields only the benefit of illuminated prejudice but rarely any satisfactory conclusions.  Induction, then, is the true art and requires the greatest seriousness.  One must be forever critical with eyes wide open.

The pursuit of you – Value is not reserved for the intelligent man.  It is reserved for the striving heroic temperament.

Self-reliance – Why do we eat?  There is an instinct that demands that we feast.  That same instinct is present when life is boring and we yearn for excitement.  Finally, when even this striving seems pointless, the deepest thirst is revealing itself and must be quenched.  Your gods have to be abandoned in order for your existence to be held up to the face of eternity.  It must be held up by your own arms.  At any rate, you will starve if you fail to do so.

Originality – The overman has two meanings.  The first is the stupid parental “follow what you love” and the second is the genesis of human meaning, “follow what you love”.  That love will make itself known with a proper “look-around” and this is critical.  That love will not be found through “soul searching” or inward thinking but will reveal itself when presented with great spirit, it will want to mimic it.

On self-deception – Examination of ones repudiations and reprimands yields quality information on one’s state of being.  An attack on gluttony can sometimes originate from a desire to be gluttonous.

The fury of the spirit – Man is always an imposter within his own “isms”.  It is easy to mistake them for an identity and thus conform, but it is only an illusion.  Individuality is inexorable and it is indeed the “isms” that conform to man.

On loving art – I first truly experienced a work of art when I divorced myself from the notion that by preempting the parts I could appreciate the whole.  Instead, I simply allowed myself to react, then only later attempted to decipher why.

The power of contrivance – my conception of modern art… it doesn’t matter if it is retarded as long as it is retarded first.

Copycat – I want the lust for truth to become instinct.  And truth wants knowledge.

On the instinct – I think being honest is so scary because it always involves discovering something new about oneself.

On being human – Culture is the outpouring of the free instinct which by necessity gives itself form through abstractions (i.e. art, music, philosophy etc. )  The abstractions in themselves are worthless until one’s own blood is given to resurrect them.  In this manner alone does one traverse the gap between men, between ages and ultimately one’s own becoming.

Could Being be the totality of determinations?   What would that look like?  It is certainly almost unimaginable; an object of infinite determinations.  Its opposite, Nothing, is the complete lack of determinations, a void of content which could be at all differentiated.   Thus Being, the totality of determinations, the opposite of Nothing requires a place for Becoming; the will.  Perhaps Becoming is a moving forward which creates specific differentiations?  Perhaps Becoming inhabits a process of self-annihilation, erasing its tracks, by which it simultaneously annihilates Being into Nothing yet preserving an entirely new form, a creation, essentially carving away the totality into specific objects of the will.   Becoming then is the chiseling of an eternal marble block creating the image of itself.  This brings new light to “a man is his deeds” as the “deeds” are his carvings, his content of will.  The image of himself is given existential form.

The instinct of honesty is an amazing thing which drives rationalizations into the gutter.  Therein lies the power manifested through this virtue:  authenticity, spontaneity, your life!

Culture can begin again in the individual, almost accidentally.  A collection of forms of his instincts and realizes new traditions out of seeming nothingness, seeming capriciousness.  But these instincts that drive toward new tradition is a will to tradition, a will to eternity.

Culture is not something “lightly taken in” or to be “appreciated”.  It is the heart of our appreciation of the lives that came before us.  It is their legacy, not some shallow fancy.  What were they saying?

Creation requires the spirit, it reveals it.

Courage is the virtue that smashes the barriers impeding the path to human freedom.  Thus its value is its power.

The root of “understanding” can be frustration. The “understanding” is a projection of the need not met.

Embrace the animality and see where humanity goes.

Perhaps this seems simplistic but what if the world reveals itself through the lens of our needs.

I feel like if I were to meet someone with my same perspective I would die.

Tiny box, that is what ive been reduced to.

Has history been just the playthings of the powerful?

What would it feel like to be a factory of power?

What hinders the spirit?  Is it a lack of courage?  Imagination?  Will?  Spirit?

The world moves through power.  Individual interest is the culmination of this power.  It is the antagonist which attacks and bewilders the world around it.  There is no fight, it dominates without effort.  This is self-overcoming.

Sexuality is a pure power.  It is an innocent manipulation of others to its own pure end.  By pure I mean that it wants only a linear power.  The organism becomes excited with an insatiable motivation which enhances logical and rational thought to its own end.  The organism becomes irrelevant but the power comes to the forefront.   The irony is the lack of a self-preservation instinct.  It ignores society.  It ignores everything.


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