Well. I don’t have much to spend and have to be relatively conservative about it. But I am happy to spend, again, my life will be erased, might as well go for broke.  I had this thought before and I think it’s a good one. Avoid novelty, novelty has little value in my mind and is a wasted expense.  Err on the side of new experiences not, routine.  That being said if you love a place and want to try more on their menu that’s important as well.  Drinking is kind of a no no. That’s where most of the money will go. That’s where you will bleed out. 1 drink can cost as much as a whole meal. Beer is generally the safest option.  If a situation comes up where you feel like you can’t afford it, say no. Do not build in resentment into this experience. You have to stand up for yourself.  Have no fear. Again, only an asshole would be upset by it, only an asshole wouldn’t understand. Life is too short to get whiny that someone else can’t afford to do the things you can do.  Chemistry is chemistry, understanding is understanding.  

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