Ok, so this is a big achilles heel of mine. I meet someone and it’s just a mess from there on forward. I assume there is part of me that doesnt care about them. But man, it’s all a mess. I can, but it seems so artificial, but it’s getting better! Ahh, it’s getting better right? I think I just need time. It was so much fun hanging with Jand A. I would have loved to hang with all of their friends, the friends who are not mine. It’s sad. I would love to chat, and laugh and chill. But I dont have that and god damn it. But I can. God damn it I can. Ok, so lets just write about interacting. God damn it smells good outside, someone is grilling and ive had nothing by ensure for the past two days, god damn has it only been two days, god damnit. Fuuuck fuuuuuck fuck. So interacting is a intimate personal thing. It’s between two people sharing. Sharing a moment. We are sharing this time. We are making. We are making a thing together. I just want to eat right now. The secret to success is Yes and No according to bill burr. Makes sense. Takes balls. And its about the reaction of the other person. If you feel yes, say yes, if you feel no, say no. Interacting.  It’s connecting. It’s creating, it’s making. We can enjoy. It’s a lot of responsibility. That time could be spent otherwise.


Make improvements in your own life. Yeah, I know. Man I feel like shit. I need to get this all into shape. Fuck all of them. Fuck all of this. Don’t wait for them to call. Do what you want. Just talk. Just talk. Dust yourself off, you need to keep going. Dude I feel fucking terrible.Why?? Why,   Yeah, you’re being stupid. Just fucking go for it. You cant be such a bum. Dude. I am going to akwe up all fucked up. I need to take more. God damn it. Talk, just talk. Talk man. Bitch and talk.
I am so fucking tired and feel like shit. God damnit. Why, i have been conservative about taking this shit. God damnit. God damnit. Fuck this. Fuck you mO. Fuck all this shit. Fuck. I want food. I want to eat. Man, i am fucked. I am so fucked, well thank god I haveno responsibilites irght now. I miss A Wtf. this is stupid. I dont know what to do, ther eare other people but i cant waste my time worying. But at the same time i have no other options so i guess its not that big of a deal. God damn it, fuck all this shit, holy fuck this sucks.

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