M O Rant

The two at the top. D and M are complete pussies. They are losers who have no sense of integrity. They are wimps and have no place in this art form or as artists. They are technicians of the art form, not artists themselves. They are wimps, utter wimps in the discipline. They made their name in their weak discipline but never broadened, never actualized what is needed to be good, full professionals. They don’t see this and act on weak instincts. They act out of position rather than knowledge. Racts out of knowledge, not out of position. He is one of the great interpreters of this generation. He stands heads above almost everyone in this field. The rest are trash, non artists. This art form is dead. O is dead.  Who cares, fuck this dumb shit art form. No one is a master anymore, or few are. They are masters of style, not of art. Fuck this art form. Too many dummies, everyone is a dummy.  The audience doesnt know, the conductors dont know, the artistic directors dont know, the directors dont know. They dont know. It’s too random for them. They are weak and bad artists. They dont know. Fuck this shitty art form. Made for the dumb and weak hearted.


Suicide step.  There is no point. Suicide has no point but there is no point beyond suicide. I am sad and done. The goals are done. The goals have to go beyond your fun ambitions into, god knows what. I am done. My relationship is done, my career is done. I am alone, and this is kind of nice. The breeze is nice, the life is nice, the sky is nice. The life is over, I wish i had more direction. I wish i had people who believed in me. But no one has and no one has helped. I needed to figure all this out sooner, much sooner. Im 30 now and the same time and times do not exist. Im done. But not done. Its the same. Drinking feels good though. It does. And fuck it. Why not. Im done. Im dead, im done. Ive reached my height. Im dead and done.
Suicide beauty. Sunset love. Sunset love. Sunset. Sunset sadness.

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