New York City

You can make whatever you need to have happen, happen. That being said I don’t think I need to live in nyc. The crux of his reasoning is very weak. I get the ability to take over auditions that his more famous baritone cancells. I get it but that seems like a bitch reason to move somewhere.  The idea of community there, being in the scene, is a joke. I don’t buy it and I think it’s an absurd reason to move there.  Audition season is audition season and I can take part.  There might be extra auditions outside of the season. I get it and that’s the only legit point to be made, and it could be important, at this point in my career to be able to take those. But I can make the counter argument that it’s his job to organize my auditions around my capabilities, my desires, my needs. He has needs too but it has to be win win. If I’m terrified of him dropping me then there is no partnership.  He can.  He can make that work and audition season is a thing. Everyone knows about it.  What if I am off at gigs, can’t take auditions then!?!

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