Oxy Rant

I’m still so bored with these films. What is going on yo. So borrrrrrred.  
I don’t feel well. I don’t have have a fever but my stomach is not looking that oxycodone.  Might take a break from it and go with the ibuprofen and acetometophine combo.  And maybe go back when I’m trying to sleep. But I feel weird weird weird weird. I don’t like this.  I’ve got a headache. I don’t like it. Yeah, prob going to switch for the next dose. My throat hurts a lot. That smell of A cooking is so good. It’s like therapeutic.  Makes me feel so good.  Not quite sure what to do now. I suppose the stomach thing is very limiting.  But should go away soon. Just need to chill. God this sucks. I bet it got worse from talking. It got worse after leaving surgery. How is that possible?

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