Everybody Wants Some!! – Movie Review


“It’s about timelessness; the timelessness of fun and youth and simply, the beauty of the moment.”  

Everybody Wants Some!! – Richard Linklater – Review

I thought this movie was fantastic.  It’s a true Linklater film through and through. The storytelling is done organically, blending prodigious dialogue, charismatic acting, diversity of characters, beautifully shot scenes and a deeply fun sentiment towards the topic of the movie.

Each character feels immediately unique and individual and the interactions are a firestorm of real life clashes of personalities.  No one really “fits in”, no one is docile, they are all inescapably themselves and it’s so much fun to watch.

The lack of political or moral bias is appreciated. Linklater imposes no agenda from our time, nor does he try to point out any flaws particular to the era.  It’s about timelessness; the timelessness of fun and youth and simply, the beauty of the moment.

The dialogue is rich with character.  We get everything from the philosophical to the simple, the awkward to the mendacious, flirtation and lust.  It’s deeply charismatic and devoid of nihilistic cynicism.

The actors are all charming.  It was well cast from lead to character role, a giant ensemble cast.  Each character sparkled in the texture, making it richer and more durable.  I missed so many nuances on the first watch because the film is so dense with these highly individual characters.  Every performer was outstanding at their job and the interaction they brought on film was truly stunning. It was so natural, so organic, so fun, so exciting, so visceral. It’s rare to see a movie play out that way and am hard pressed to find the style so well used from any other director.

The love story at the end also pulled no punches in a unique way. It betrayed an incredible mindset. It was a crystal clear philosophical statement about passion. It makes no romantic intensification or glorification of it.  They simply speak of the burden of passion, how it is synonymous with the Sisyphus parable.  It does not edify, it simply stands on its own two feet.

The movie is a masterpiece and I can’t wait to rewatch it!!  I give it 5/5 stars, unquestionably. 



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