How can I start meeting friends

Ok, well I am not sure. I think I need to extend my hobbies out into the world. The trick is to not have to spend money. That is kind of essential. I don’t want to have to pay to have friends. It’s fun to do things with others, especially doing the things you like. I think the figure drawing classes are a fair exception. Just 6 bucks every Sunday. That’s not that bad, 25 dollars a month. That’s really cheap and I think worth the experience. I just don’t know. It all feels so weird. So forced. But i mean meeting people is pretty unnatural anyway, so dictated by luck and circumstance. All my friends in HS had last names close to mine in the alphabet, because we always sat next to each other in class, i mean how random.  I think I am looking at all this with too high of stakes in mind. Especially apps like tinder. You aren’t looking to fall in love. You are looking to make friends. Falling in love simply has to do with chemistry and that you can’t really manipulate, you cant really force it. Hmm, it’s very interesting. And I think the friendship thing is the same situation. You aren’t going to there to make a best friend. You’re going there to say hi, see what they are about. If you connect you connect, if you don’t you don’t. It’s ok. I think the same is true with colleagues. You aren’t looking to make a best friend. You are just looking to see whats up, see if there is any connection. If not, cool. If so, cool.


Guitar: It would be fun to sing at an open mic night. Fuck it right? I think it would be cool and possibly a nice way to meet people. Bond over our stress haha. Play, get a drink, peace out.


Blog, advertise that you are local, maybe meet people that way.


Maintain current friendships. If they don’t want to hang out, that’s cool. At least you’ll know. It’s not a big deal. Cant force it, no need to. It’s about fun and connection.


Roommates, ask if they want to hang. If they say no, it’s cool. Of course there is no pressure, it’s just always a hypothetical. Put it as a “project”  that “I feel bad that I don’t know the people I live with”. It takes off the pressure, you’re not trying to be their best friend.


Neighbors? Hmm, it would be a slow process but it’s possible. Just a simple hello can start things off. Open up about something simple and mundane but personal. Or don’t haha, just say hi.


Group bike rides, I don’t know if I am interested in this as much. I think it would be nicer to ride somewhere busy, and hang out for a bit. Just smile and look approachable. Chill out, have fun, if you meet someone, that’s cool, if not, it’s still an awesome time.


Muay Thai – It would be awesome to get to know other people who are interested in this stuff. It always overlaps awkwardly though. I think the first step is a simple, take it easy when I am leaving. If they arent wearing headphones haha. It’s tough! Saying hi is a little weird, especially if they are mid workout. It’s a tough one. I suppose you kind of have to catch them mid “round” But it’s awkward to bring something up when I have no idea what i’m talking about or doing haha. It’s a toughy.  I think the slow ascent is the best way. Just say hi, maybe see them again and say hi again, ask them how their day is, etc, joke how I am working knees today, lol, whatever. Over time it could be cool to work out together and hang, learn from each other. I’d love to spar/learn how to wrestle/ju jitsu.


I always see the same cashiers working at Trader Joes. I don’t want to call it practice but it’s a nice way to interact. Again, you’re obviously not trying to be best friends. It’s just a way to interact, goof around.


Again, all these things are ways to meet girls to. Again, you aren’t trying to marry anyone, you aren’t trying to fall in love, you aren’t even trying to impress anyone. You are just trying to make friends. See if there is any connection. If not, totally cool. No point in wasting either of our time.
Tinder. Well. It sucks, and I don’t want to have to use it, I don’t want to spend time on it. But it’s very popular and it seems pretty damn effective. I think going about it the same way as stated before. You are just looking to make new friends. If there is a connection, cool, if not, totally cool. It is a cool to connect, nothing else, it is a tool to make a date, nothing more.

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