She is picking fights, clearly, I think?

Ahh, why?  Why did this happen? Like wtf??  I was just talking about what I write about, I wasn’t being a dick, I wasn’t being a douche bag, I wasnt being agressive or insulting. I was just talking about my life and what I write about?!?! I generalized, I generalized about what I write about, because it’s a text, its a fucking text wtf. And well, maybe a small part of it feels like it’s unequal. That I am the one always putting in the energy to be open and forthcoming. And she doesnt! And i just didnt feel like putting in the energy, because I get nothing back! I guess, maybe she sensed that, but jesus. It’s not like I wasnt opening up before, I am super open and honest about my weaknesses.  She is picking a fight, what does that mean for me? How do i react to this knowing that?  I don’t know, I could react the same way i would if I didnt know it. Or,.. i mean what, does it give me an advantage in any way? I dont know, it doestn feel like it. It does give me a bit more of a sense of calm, but if its already doomed, then why bother right? But things don’t feel good now, and why?!!?!? WHY? Like what happened? I am so confused. She is picking a fight. They cant articulate it, but they are. And she is. Just be calm then. I think that’s the point. There is no drama, there are no hard feelings. What shes is saying is I don’t want to be connected with you anymore. Ok. It’s not about the issue. I guess that helps. It’s about something deeper, but that cant be addressed. But the deeper thing is, she doesn’t want to be connected with me anymore. Which is fine, I don’t want someone who doesnt want to be with me. A phone conversaton wont save anything, but its a much better way to talk.

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