Just freaking do it.

Man, it really is the best way to go. You have to start with the people that you know. Keep asking, if it’s awkward then it’s awkward. Fuck it. You need to build that foundation of conversations, of knowing how to get to know people, not just one shot go’s, but in the long term. Call A, talk to her, get to know her. Spend that time. I mean fuck it right? If she doesn’t want to talk then it’s not going anywhere anyway. If she doesn’t want to make the time, then fuck it. Like, I don’t know. Making new friends? Do new things man, get your ass to those drawing classes. At the gym? I suppose it’s a bit different. It’s a bit of a different environment. Do the, take it easy thing. I think it helps, I think it breaks the ice in the long term. Other than that you don’t want to be interrupting people’s workouts. And talking while changing is lame. Bar life? Man I don’t want to be that lone guy at a bar. You can make friends with the bartender for sure. You definitely can. But it’s going to get expensive. You have to do this shit. You have to take control man. Otherwise it’s all going to get away from you. They aren’t asking, well I guess I have to. And if it burns bridges then my god, there isnt much else I can do. You have to learn. And maybe it will lead to new things. I need to get furniture for my apt. Fuck, this is not cool. Yeah, I am so afraid of bed bugs from a thrift store, god damn it.  I can’t afford new furniture. Ahh but if it is from a thrift store I will have to ship it myself. Hmm, I will have to look, see if I can find anything smallish that will do but not look completely trashy, ugh. I need to find stuff to do. No more of this bull shit. I need to plan and execute. I need to work, get to work building who I am and what I love to do. Fuck this. Fuck being lazy. Your life is now and only you can take the reins and make decisions about what you’re about, what you want, where you want to go, what you want to do. Fuck all this. Fuck passivity. Just fucking do it. Organize it.

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