How TV affects the brain

Well, TV seems to be a big culprit for so many of my issues. I feel it and see it so simply when I go from not watching a lot to watching some. The brain turns off, it’s incredible. The self goes away into this abyss of what you’re seeing. It’s tragic. It really is. It’s not healthy, pretty much no matter the content, maybe like 2 percent of the content out there is worth it. What a tragedy it has been in my life. Just time wasted. The brain is throbbing after. It overstimulates. Life seems less interesting, less potent. But it removes the will, it removes most drives. It smashes your feeling for decision making, for feeling empowered, for taking control. It is truly tragic. The winning move is to live life, not watch it through a screen or read it in a book. Time goes away.

The second thing is will and necessity. When you artificially simulate the needs of the mind/body etc, it stops desiring them because they have been “met”. Even though they really havent been met. To not watch porn you immediately feel that you have to grow and do anything it takes to be desirable, to get what you want and need. It becomes clear the path. But with porn, those needs are artificially met, its a lesser version. But feels substantial even though it is not, especially over time. Life is your clay and tv gives you the false sense that you are molding it.

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