My thoughts on some of my favorite artists

Renoir: His style is so beautiful. Life is utterly beautiful and delicate and lighthearted and fun in his paintings. Sexuality is playful. The human being is playful and sincere.

Pissarro: There is a bold melancholy in all of his paintings. The compositions are perfect and the lyricism and love in his paintings are the balance to their melancholy.  He is sincere and true and honest to the moment. The toil and love of life are in his work.

Van Gogh: His work is of a naive loneliness. So honest and pure. There is no art, it’s just a true and naked moment.

Picasso: He is a true artistic genius. His works combine raw beauty with raw ugliness. Or none. His work is structure. It’s the sobering tale of a moment. Impossibly beautiful and impossibly stark.  

Monet: It’s a touch of sadness in his lyricism. It’s so beautiful, it’s a tearful beauty.

Rothko: His is a dark soul. His work is a horror. It can be so touching and beautiful but there is a horror, a violence in his work, a terror.

Degas: I dont know if ive seen enough of his work to really give a good estimation. There is a charm and a quirk to his paintings. They’re beautiful, elegant and playful. There is a straightforwardness.

Kirshner: What an interesting fellow. His paintings are so sexual and dirty. Lusty and vibrant. I love his stuff.

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