What is the value of “blood”?
From where does all this emotion flood?
Care of your child civic duty demands,
Once grown, washed are the parent’s hands.

However one is raised, the child is an ideal,
Constructed from attributes one often tries to conceal,
Noble and trivial notions fill their mind,
The individual hides under this protection of rind.

A break with the old is the best way,
One wishes this would come early in the day,
But sometimes the search takes many years,
It takes alternatives to overcome those fears.

Perhaps family exists as a singular example,
A section of life for us to sample,
We are always offered the chance to reject,
Crystalized lessons we now collect.

Thus, being polemical gives us perspective,
Do not feel guilty for your invective,
Through this contrast, about ourselves we learn,
The value of blood is the individuality we earn.

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