Double yearning

Double yearning
Conflicting needs and wants this heart
It’s erotic wants both of love’s start
Down and down this dirty kneels
I want both this love and agony steals

Too simple but the cause unknown
The pain still stands and kneels alone
All and all the darkness rides
Agonized now the clenched hand confides

She is not perfect

She is not perfect
It’s a real shame, the important key
Physicality wrong outside of me
I want it to be more, more emotional
More connected, it’s not optional

Devastating it is, deeply saddening
The why question is just maddening
I love her, I love her real and honestly
But my reaction now is of distance and modesty

The Lie

The Lie
Well, here we are again, the lie
Options made and options given by
It’s all real and the heart beats tenderly
But now the options collide spiritually

All are different and all are special
Sink into them all, no mind to settle
It’s not fear, it’s feeling that confuses
For my love and pleasure the heart uses