My God it’s Beautiful out There

My god it’s beautiful out there. I mean the sight is so different from what one us used to seeing. Especially at this time of night.  That haziness. That depth, the expansiveness. The beauty.  The vertigo, I don’t know what it means or what it tells me.  It’s just there. It’s just a different view point, filled with colo and interesting things to look at. Then the city emerges from under the clouds. Bright and shiny, delicate little lights. Then gone and clouds again.  It does sat something though.  Maybe it doesnt haha, its just honest. It is there for its own nature, nothing else. It does not lie. It puts on no airs.  We sink into the clouds. Hazy scary. Hazy dark. Hazy hell. Almost out.  The cool ground and cute lights emerge. Then you are immersed in the show