Well, so there are two philosophies at play here. Eating for enjoyment, soaking up the variety of life’s food diversity. Or eating for performance, health, longevity etc. And both can of course be combined but in their purest forms they seem like opposites. Well maybe that is the key, it’s that mitigating factor. It’s combining both so you are getting a satisfying full picture. That’s fair, that’s totally fair. That’s totally fair. Well, so I guess that’s just the creative function of it. The creative necessity. Ok, let the fun being haha.

Chronic reflux and lump in thought

I’ve had this shit in my throat for as long as u can remember. I dont know what it is and I want it gone.  I’ve had it since high school. I had a barium test, I don’t have a hernia. But I’ve struggled with this reflux?? Is that what it is? But it hurts to talk, I feel my voice get weaker.  I eat well.  I don’t drink.  I’m relaxed for the most part. Maybe it is the coffee, just too much for the voice right now.  But it shouldn’t be an issue.  I’ve had times in the past when I wasn’t a coffee drinker and had awful reflux. Should I go in to see someone about it? I have though and they did the test!  Medications don’t help, I remember taking massive amounts. What is going on?? Why?? I remember it feeling this way in voice works but my throat burns, I feel it, I feel this lump.  I know a lot of other people have it but why me? What’s going on.  What am I, and what was I doing wrong?


The scariest thing is that there might be damage. But ahh, nothing I can do about it. Be smart, limit what you need to, savor your food.  


-Limit the bad

-savor your food

-fish oil and vitamins, probiotics